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Paglight is a revolutionary camera light, the first specifically designed to suit all professional ENG/EFP requirements.

Paglight is elegantly styled, its proportions blend perfectly with the latest professional broadcast cameras. In addition to the aesthetic and ergonomic qualities of this product there is a depth of scientific development that sets this camera light apart from any of its competitors.

The Paglight's unique patented design makes it the coolest running and most versatile camera light in the business.
The plug-in lampholder system enables the Paglight to be the first camera light that will work as either halogen or metal-halide arc.

A further advantage of the Paglight system is that one is able to purchase a 'basic' model, comprising the Paglight and a standard halogen lampholder, and then add components, such as the PowerArc, and build the ultimate ENG lighting kit.

Paglight designed for the professional

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